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How to get more likes on Facebook

If you are an online marketer, a community manager or even a business man that has employed Facebook to increase your brand equity and create a community then you will probably striving and counting Likes every day. The battle of Likes is a huge matter these days. Every business wants to gain more likes, with low cost and gain the best engagement they can. However, is this an easy process? How difficult it is to gain the more likes you can without spending a lot of money? Here are a few tips and guides that you can follow in order to get the best you can.

Content is the King!

I’m sure you ‘ve heard this before! Content is the king only if you treat it as a king. Providing great content is the key element to your Facebook marketing strategy. Off course this is not easy to accomplish. You have to write excellent copy, be smart, write fast and up to date and be flexible. Writing great content will not only help you get Likes but will definitely help you retain your fans and keep them excited about you!


Think about it as it is for food. If you like something you definitely want to have more! Well, it is kind of the same with Facebook Likes. You have to maintain an updated profile. This is also a controversy. Some marketers think that two or three posts per day is the perfect amount of posts for your fans. Others, think that this is a very low number and you have to post more while others think that this might cause spamming to users. The truth is that there is no a great advise for this. You have to test probably both methods and see which one is the best for your and which amount of posts brings you the Likes you need.

Facebook Ads

Do not believe that Facebook ads are useless and can’t help you get Likes. I believe that at this point you are wondering why we even mention ads since we are trying to get decent Likes with our content. Facebook ads is not the key element but a supporting factor that can assist your Facebook marketing plan. Create your ads very carefully and set your specific goals. Your target group is a very important factor that you have to estimate and you also have to take advantage of Facebook interests. Therefore, set your goals and target group, set your budget and boost your engagement. Measure your performance and decide whether you will continue with your ads. Remember that nothing happens magically in Facebook, even when you employ ads you still have to provide great content.


You know of course Facebook is not only about Likes but also about commenting and sharing. Gaining only a lot of likes will make you happy but will not have an impact in your virality which is an also important factor on getting more likes! At first, you must start engaging your friends about your page and afterwards you will gain the engagement you want. Again, great content is the ladder that will help you climp up and gain the best engagement you can.

What about you? Want do you think is the key element that brings you Likes into your Facebook page? Do you have any success story to share?