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Social Media

How to maximize your online impact with Instagram

I am sure than until now you have probably noticed how many marketers are using images to promote their online goals. Images are powerful and are everywhere. From Facebook timeline photos to Twitter, blogs etc. Now more and more companies are leveraging the power of Instagram but not most business know how to make the most out of it. This photo sharing social media is a powerful tool that companies are using to succeed their goals and to reach their audiences. Thus, create your online marketing plan, including Instagram and see how you can maximize your online impact.

How to get more likes on Facebook

If you are an online marketer, a community manager or even a business man that has employed Facebook to increase your brand equity and create a community then you will probably striving and counting Likes every day. The battle of Likes is a huge matter these days. Every business wants to gain more likes, with low cost and gain the best engagement they can. However, is this an easy process? How difficult it is to gain the more likes you can without spending a lot of money? Here are a few tips and guides that you can follow in order to get the best you can.

Content is the King!

Tips and ideas on how to dominate in Twitter

You are probably on Twitter. You have probably already known about the power of Twitter and how businesses can leverage it. You have your followers, you follow people, you are tweeting and retweetting. But there is something missing. You feel that you don’t get what your business deserves and you always feel that you need to do more but you don’t know how to push things forward. Well, here are some great tips and ideas of maximizing your Twitter account engagement and increasing your followers.

How to increase your Fans on Facebook

Let’s say you are the community manager or social media specialist of your company or you just run your own small business Facebook page and you want to increase the number of your Fans. You have probably tried everything so far. You started with posting great content, you have added milestones, you posted photos and you achieved a good result. However, you always want more. So, you are at that point that you need to act differently and find new ideas of growing your Facebook following. Here are some good tips of helping you growing your community.

How to use Google+ to give a boost to your company

Everyone nowadays is using social media for various reasons. Every business from smaller to bigger ones is now leveraging social media effect to promote their brand. Some of them are joining every social media while others are trying to determine which can give a real boost to their marketing goals. Most of marketers ignore Google+ power and how it can help them.  Google+ nowadays counts over 250 million users, a number that marketer should not ignore.

How to use Instagram for your business

Instagram is huge the last months! This photo sharing app at this time boasts over 80 million users around the world and maintains big fans that adore taking vintage pictures and sharing them with friends. It is also important to notice that among 80 million of users, a 40% is top brands that are leveraging the applications’ enormous power. It is true that brands like Starbucks and BBC have now dominated instagram. But more importantly is the fact that Instagram is keep growing with a lot of businesses realizing what they are missing.

Pin it to win it! Give a boost to your business with Pinterest

Facebook and Twitter are so last year! The next big thing in social media is Pinterest. Pinterest is a new tool, a visual pin board that has attracted millions of users around the world. Despite its rapid grow and adoption, people and more often marketers are ignoring or underestimate its power. It may be not as popular as Facebook yet however has millions of fans, it is gaining a lot of attraction and can offer you and your business a special boost. Any business that relies their growth on driving traffic to their site and increase sales should definitely consider start with Pinterest.

7 Amazing Facebook Fan Engagement Tips you probably ignore

Everybody in our days is using Facebook for business. From big brands to small businesses, everybody is trying to leverage Facebook’s social reach and gain more fans and consequently potential customers. Even though Facebook is huge in our days, only few are making the most out of it and actually taking advantage of the great advantages that the social media can offer. Here are some great Facebook tips that you probably ignore and that can bring you more fan engagement and therefore more customers.