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How to maximize your online impact with Instagram

I am sure than until now you have probably noticed how many marketers are using images to promote their online goals. Images are powerful and are everywhere. From Facebook timeline photos to Twitter, blogs etc. Now more and more companies are leveraging the power of Instagram but not most business know how to make the most out of it. This photo sharing social media is a powerful tool that companies are using to succeed their goals and to reach their audiences. Thus, create your online marketing plan, including Instagram and see how you can maximize your online impact. Here are some amazing tips on how to dominate on Instagram.

1. Contests

If you are a marketer working at the online industry you probably already know that users love to take part in contests and eventually love to win. Think about it from a personal perspective. Do you take part in contests? Do you just love playing or taking part and waiting for the results? This is how it works for other users as well. Instagram gives you a great opportunity to create fun contests with photos with huge possibilities for you. You gain the attention you want, you make users engage and you target greater audience. Plus, you promote the fun part of your company and create excitement between your followers. Fantastic, huh?


Another great possibility that Instagram offers you is that you can reward your followers with gifts and promo codes. How you can do this? When you are posting on Instagram try to tink as a user. What I mean by that? Try to enforce curiosity in a way and make people want to come to your profile again and again. Then you can rearward your followers for liking and commenting on your photos. For some businesses this might be a contest theme while for other this leads to rewarding to active followers.

3.Feature customers

This is an extremely effective trick you can employ and see how your engagement rate and virality will go up. There is nothing more exciting than seeing your photo in a company’s profile. This is the ultimate reward and one of the most crucial marketing tactics: make you customers feel special! How you can feature your customers into your profile? There are so many ways like asking them to send you photos with you r products, taking a picture or them while they are enjoying a product or a gift from you. Let your imagination go wild and you will get the results you want.


Marketers are usually making huge mistakes nowadays! One of them is that they are not leveraging Instagram at their events. Companies’ events are a great possibility of making viral what is happening at the venue and create excitement to your followers. You can also take advantage of photos and create sneak pic album about your upcoming event. You can also encourage followers to engage and upload photos or comment on yours.

5.Connection with Twitter

A very good tactic about Instagram is to decide connecting it with you Twitter account. This would be a great opportunity to get your Twitter followers to your Instagram profile and also make you message louder to a bigger audience. If you also have hashtags on you Twitter when uploading your Instagram pics, users who follow specific topics will definitely see you pics.

What about your company? Are you using Instagram? Do you have any special and insightful stories to share?