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Pin it to win it! Give a boost to your business with Pinterest

Facebook and Twitter are so last year! The next big thing in social media is Pinterest. Pinterest is a new tool, a visual pin board that has attracted millions of users around the world. Despite its rapid grow and adoption, people and more often marketers are ignoring or underestimate its power. It may be not as popular as Facebook yet however has millions of fans, it is gaining a lot of attraction and can offer you and your business a special boost. Any business that relies their growth on driving traffic to their site and increase sales should definitely consider start with Pinterest. Here are some quick steps and tips you can apply that can bring you results.

Spend some time

Like every other social media you have to invest time to understand and learn about the new media! So, the first thing you can do is spend some time hovering and watching what Pinterest is all about. It is a very easy platform and I have to admit that is also very addictive and it is ridiculously easy to set your account. It is a place where you can bookmark images, photos and videos you like across the web by ‘pinning’ them. Your ‘pinned’ favorites are visible to other users and you can also see what other people have ‘pinned’.

Do some research

You can be prepared and organize your account before even start pinning. Spend some time watching what other people and businesses do and write down your dos and don’ts according to your needs. There are a lot of businesses at Pinterest at the moment that are leveraging all the tool’s advantages and attract people’s attention. First of all you have to identify and set specific marketing goal that you want to achieve with Pinterest.

Keep your pin board simple

A great tip and advice while setting and filling your Pinterest account is trying to keep is simple. Pinterest gives you the opportunity to categorize your ‘pins’ in larger groups, your pin boards. Thus, it is the best practice to create a schedule and graph about what you want to pin and how to organize your pin board best.

Be creative

Although starting with Pinterest is a piece of cake, managing your account requires effort almost everyday. Imagine how many businesses are using the new social media and the answer is in front of you! Pinterest is a great tool and gives you the opportunity to be creative and enhance your followers. The first thing you have to focus is to use a great headshot that would be smart and will make people easy to find you. Another thing is trying to write creative and smart pin titles to attract users’ attention and use effective keywords in your descriptions. When using smart keyword-rich description, you make it easier for people to reach your pins and pin board via search. Furthermore, don’t forget to rewrite the summary description and don’t just copy paste it. Not only it is copyright infringement but you also mess your pins with text you don’t need. After you spend some weeks is Pinterest it is also fantastic to start pinning things that you have found and don’t just be a ripinner. Users are looking and rewarding creativity and original pins. Additionally, keep your pin board visual and beautiful. Pinterest is all about great pictures and after great text.

Who to follow

Another crucial question is who you have to follow on Pinterest. One of the best practices you have to start with is to follow big brands and businesses. This is a proved good method from Twitter. When you follow big brands and they follow you back, you are more visible to users and it is more likely to follow you more people. Additionally, it is also nice to follow users who are already following you. An extra tip would be to start following people who have pinned you stuff and wait to see whether they will follow you back.

To promote or not to promote

As we previously mentioned it is good to be a pioneer pinner and pin new stuff. Pinterest can be great tool for promoting your products or your services. However, it is crucial to remember not only to promote your own stuff or overpromoting your brand. This can be very frustrating to your followers and can cause people to unfollow you, which is the last thing you want. In this case, be clever and creative. There are a lot of smart ways of promoting your brand without even people to understand it. Just use your imagination!

Connection with social media

Pinterest allows users to connect with other social media such as Facebook and Twitter. Therefore, don’t forget to connect your Pinterest account with your other social media accounts because it is important for your social media success. Connecting you Pinterest with your Facebook account will help you get more people to see your pins and access you pictures. Members have also the ability to share the posts through other social media. This feature increases your social reach and virality. In other words? More people will reach your posts and will probably follow you instantly.

Evaluate results

This is the most common and important thing you have to do with every effort in online marketing and especially in social media marketing is measuring your results and evaluating your ROI. After all, what matter most for you is how many people have visited your site and how much impact does Pinterest has on this traffic. The success will be to find how your products and services can match your target audience via Pinterest.

Do you have any Pinteresting experiences to share? Did Pinterest increased your site traffic?