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How to make your videos go viral

One of the greatest goal a marketer wants to achieve is reach the highest level of engagement. A great way to achieve this goal is creating a video. Video marketing is a great tool that can assist your integrated marketing plan and boost your engagement. So, one of the best ways of reaching larger audiences is creating a video, but not any video. The most important factor is to create a video that will go viral through the web and spread instantly. How you can succeed on this? Here are some great ways and actions you have to take in order to make your video go viral easily.

1.Keep it short

This is probably the most valuable advice that you may take for most of inbound marketing strategies and especially in content based actions. It is important to create a short video with a to the point content. Think about it from a user perspective. If you see a video and you see that it is very long, it is more likely that you won’t watch the whole video and it is even more likely that you won’t share it with your friends.


2.Keep it simple

This also goes with the advice above. You have to be able to pass your message in a simple way. Keep in mind that in order to achieve engagement from larger groups you have to be understandable from all groups. Therefore, try to maintain a simple character message and a minimal kind of video. In other words? Do not overdoing with videos. Remember that videos are very descriptive and complicated tools, so you have to be able to provide what you want to provide in a very simple way.

3.Be funny

Fun is a factor that always wins. Think about ‘Gangam Style’ video. No matter the music type that might not be interesting for a lot of people, the video is actually funny. This Korean song has already achieved to be number one Youtube video at the moment only because it is extremely funny and entertaining. The lesson here is that marketing maybe a serious job but that doesn’t mean that we have to be serious all the time. You have to be funny sometimes and make jokes about everyday life. Your customers will definitely appreciate this.


4.Don’t sell

Ok marketing actions are all about selling but that doesn’t mean that you have to mention it all the time. It is important that you don’t oversell with your videos that you want to go viral. It is more likely that people won’t share your video if you always talk about your products or services. Remember that sometimes you have to make some effort to build a relationship with your existing and potential customers. That doesn’t involve overselling yourself. Again, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. If you always receive content that is promoting, you will probably get bored soon and stop spreading the word.

  1. 5.Maintain brand consistency

This is maybe the hardest point that you have to achieve if you have already understood and perform with all the previous advices. You always have to maintain your brand consistency and ethos. It is actually a tough job when you have to be funny and don’t overpromote yourself but you have to be able to remind people who you are.

What about you? Any experiences or advices on viral videos? Share your stories