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Best practices for driving email marketing to success

A lot of people when it comes to email marketing think that there are no possibilities but it is true that email marketing is not dead! Email marketing is a traditional marketing tool that revives in our days and can drive your business to more leads and customers. Nowadays there are a lot of new marketing tools that attract marketer’s attention however traditional ways and methods such as mass email sending remain excellent and effective to your marketing campaign.

Add incentives to maximize your open rate: When creating your campaign and copywriting your email, add incentives to your message. Surveys around the world show that customers are more likely to open the email when you offer them something special. Especially if you wonder how many emails we are receiving nowadays. For example you can add ‘15% off to all until this weekend’ or ‘free shipping when you subscribe to newsletter’.

Talk at always at the right time: Be very careful with the day and the time of the day you are sending your emails. There are a lot of surveys in the internet that can help you when is right time and day for you to send your email. Why is that important? Imagine if you send a very important offer for your customers on Sunday noon that ends on Sunday midnight. It is more likely that they will not open it and all the hard job you did goes to waste.

The message: Of course it is the most important ingredient of your email marketing campaign. It has to be compelling and attractive to people. First comes the title of the email. It is the first thing receivers see and it has to be smart and catchy. If the receiver eventually opens the email, then goes the message. Most people believe that it has to give a sense of urgency and they are true. However, a well written message has to talk to customers’ needs or even better create one.

Design: When it comes to emails you have to be very careful. Design your email so as your receivers can read the whole message when they open the email. What I mean with this? Even if your email offers something really special but the user has to scroll down to see it, it is more likely that he will not. Thus, you have to eliminate the possibilities and spread your message at the first place. What is more? Smartphones are popular and everywhere, so you have to resize your emails for mobile phone readers.

Keep it classy : I know it is all about marketing and vibrant colours are usually effective to marketing however users tend to receive a lot of emails everyday, thus you have to be careful. Use colours to promote your message but try to keep it simple and meaningful. This means that you have to use fonts and text colour to reflect the style of the message you want to send. Moreover, it is very important to stick close to your brand colours and ethos. Don’t forget that it has to be a professional email and the more familiar will be to your brand the better results you will have.

Make it personal: A good policy for your email campaign is to make it personal to your customers. A lot of companies apply this tip that has success to their campaigns. Amazon is the first company that comes to my mind. If you have subscribed to Amazon or have completed orders then your emails would be personal. For example, you will receive emails from Amazon with title ‘John Smith, up to 50% off to selected items’.

Landing page: It’s crucial that you landing page is closely tied with the message on your email. Moreover, if you are providing your subscribers with more than one offer, then you have to be more cautious with the landing pages you are proving your users. It is also very important to have different landing page or campaign name on your url. It will eventually help you analyse and evaluate your results and see which campaign actually works and which one not. To be more specific, different url extensions will provide you with great information on analytics and help you become better.

Unsubscribe button: Even if it is the last thing that you want to happen to your email campaign you have to provide your users with an unsubscribe button. Make it visible, don’t try to hide the unsubscribe button because you will end up frustrating your customers and probably receive a spam complaint.

Don’t overpromoting yourself: This advice is to those you regularly send newsletters to their email database. Best policy is to provide your subscribers with news and useful advises rather that keep promoting your stuff and services.

Test email account before sending: This is an advice that someone will give you after facing this problem. Most of people ignores that different email providers may affect you email looking. The best thing you have to do is sign up and set 3 or 4 free email accounts in different suppliers (Yahoo!, Hotmail, Gmail etc) and everytime you want to send massive emails, check how they look on your different email accounts. This will prevent you from sending emails that are not perfectly visible to receivers and will definitely affect your conversions.

Test – test – test: When it comes to marketing in general the best way to have better results is to keep testing. A good practice is also to run AB testing in your email campaign. You can choose 2 different messages or even different pictures that you want to test and evaluate your results.

What email marketing tips you want to share with us? Have you experienced something you want to share?