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Email - marketing

7 smart ideas on how to grow your email list

Most of marketers that have employed email marketing in their campaigns, they are facing a sad truth: every year a significant decreasing amount of 25% is hitting every email marketing list. This is very frustrating since everybody knows how difficult it is to perform email marketing and succeed. However, think about how things are changing into our lives every year. People are fired or get another job, they move from the country or they abandon an internet provided and change their email address. As you can understand you simply can do nothing about that.

Best practices for email nurturing


Email marketing is huge nowadays. Companies and marketeers have realized the power for email marketing campaign and have integrated emails into their online marketing communications plan. However, after employing email marketing it is important to take the next step and think about of the box. Most of companies ignore that there a lot of things that they can do after sending an email or a newsletter.

7 email marketing elements you should definitely test

The thing about inbound marketing and the most challenging part of our job is that we are always in search process and we are always testing things. We are always trying to find what’s working for us, what cost less and which is the most effective way to accomplish our goals. In online marketing you can never be sure which is the best tactic for your business until you experiment with it and realize that it is working for you.

Best practices for driving email marketing to success

A lot of people when it comes to email marketing think that there are no possibilities but it is true that email marketing is not dead! Email marketing is a traditional marketing tool that revives in our days and can drive your business to more leads and customers. Nowadays there are a lot of new marketing tools that attract marketer’s attention however traditional ways and methods such as mass email sending remain excellent and effective to your marketing campaign.