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Tips for business blogging


Most of businesses have nowadays company websites. Some of them are very professional and neat but not all of them have a company blog. Blogging is one of the smartest marketing tactics any company could employ. It is cost free and very effective however it is time consuming since having a company blog requires effort and enough time in order to provide great content and post regularly. Whether you are new to blogging and you want to get better or thinking seriously to employ a company blog for your business, read the blogging tips below.


Great content

Off course you need great content to provide on your company blog. And great content needs a great copywriter and enough time. Don’t underestimate how much time a professional blog requires. Don’t forget that you always have to add value. There a lot of advertorials around the web and people actually hate them. Always try to write something inspiring and engaging more your visitors. Remember that you want your readers back after one post, so you have to write catchy and smart. Whether you can not provide great content or you don’t have to time to invest in this effort, then you have to decide to employ a copywriter. A good copywriter will keep your blog up to date and will write SEO friendly posts in order to help you SEO strategy.



This is also very important when writing your content, to make a plan and schedule your blog posts and topics. Divide your blog posts on topics and try to stick to them. Sit down with your colleagues and after brainstorming write down which topics you want to cover based on your company needs and on your SEO expert. It is also good for readers to understand that you have a plan and they follow a schedule and you don’t just write spontaneously. Also create a blog post calendar to help you update your blog regularly.

Keyword research

It is very important before starting to divide your blog posts in topics and start writing post to conduct a keyword research. You can use Google Keyword Tool in order to derive useful information about the keywords you want to employ on your blog. Choose relevant keywords from your company website that have high search volume and include them on your posts. This is a very important and exhausting process but it will be well worth when you will monitor your SEO results.

Know your people

This also a very important aspect you have to pay attention when starting or writing on a blog. It is crucial to know your target audience, what they like, what they are looking for, what they want to read. A good idea to increase readership is to include links of your posts on your company newsletter strategy.  You also have to spend some time with your audience. Don’t be too lazy to answer on every comment and on every inquire you get. Reader loyalty can not be bought in any way, thus you have to build it step by step. It is also a great opportunity to provide a more human profile and provide extra information about your company and your products or your services.


Share it!

Don’t be afraid to share your content with your people. Besides that is what is all about it. Employ every social media and connect it with your blog. Make it simple for your audience to share your content and make the hard work easier.

What are your experiences about company blogging? Which are your favourite company blogs around the web?