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Tips & Tricks

Something is going wrong and it’s probably your promotion campaign - Part1

Have you ever created a good strategy based on your online marketing plan, give all your efforts on your content and put a lot of money in order to make it happen and you did not get the attention you wanted? Have you ever reached that point? There are so many marketers that would answer yes in that question and maybe still wondering what actually went wrong. There might be so many reasons but sometimes it maybe the most obvious one! Your promotion! Here are some common mistakes that marketers do and how you can avoid them.

Tips for making killer landing pages

Nobody can disagree that landing pages are the key to capture customers attention. A lot of companies and developers spend hours on making changes and optimizing homepages however there is no doubt that we have to pay attention on specific landing pages. Without having landing pages it would be very difficult to make people leave their information or buy one our products. Landing pages gives us a great opportunity of having a specific and more targeted location to guide customers. Nevertheless, we do optimize landing pages but it is still difficult to convert visits to leads.

Smart Pinterest tips for B2B companies

Many companies are now using Pinterest to promote their products and services. However there are a lot of companies out there that are struggling on how to employ Pinterest and make the most out of it. Most of them are B2B companies that initially think that Pinterest has nothing to offer to them and then they find it difficult to achieve their goals. The truth is that it is not very difficult to run your pinterest campaign but you need to pay attention to the details. Here are some tips that can help your B2B business to achieve success.

Tips for business blogging


Most of businesses have nowadays company websites. Some of them are very professional and neat but not all of them have a company blog. Blogging is one of the smartest marketing tactics any company could employ. It is cost free and very effective however it is time consuming since having a company blog requires effort and enough time in order to provide great content and post regularly. Whether you are new to blogging and you want to get better or thinking seriously to employ a company blog for your business, read the blogging tips below.